92 years ago us lads went to Gallipoli
With rifles and weapons we shot people dead,
Who like us tryin to save our country fightin for our nation.

Stuck in one spot we were
For ‘bout 9 months
Them generals didn’t think much
‘Bout the land we were to climb
In those days we lost so many
My mates did die
Lest We Forget

We made peace one day
To bury our dead
You couldn’t walk real far
Without stepping on one dead

I’m sorry those lassies who lost their lads
I was just tryin to do my best
For the country
For the world
Just doin my duty to my people
I’m so sorry, truly I am
You think we enjoyed killin them lads?

92 years ago us lads lost our battle
We’re proud of what we did
But could of done some more
I shall always remember my mates
Who died by my side,
Lest We Forget

By Bethany Calman

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