One day soon he’ll tell her what has happened
and the girl will be filled with grief because of whom she’s losing
And she’ll walk with her mother through the empty, white hospital corridors and she’ll see the woman in the bed, her great grandmother
and she’ll gaze upon her face, thin and tired, as she knew it’d be the last time. And she’ll cry because she knows that the cancer has spread
and as the night falls on her cried out eyes, she weeps.
And she’ll cry herself to sleep in her now cold and lonely bed
and she’ll dream of her face, her eyes so warm and caring, her mouth always speaking with love
and she’ll picture the face she loved so dearly.
She’ll sit in the cold, white hall and listen to the readings,
she’ll play memories of her over and over again in the clouds of her mind.
She’ll hold the damp tissue in her shaking hands as she stares at the engraved coffin as it reads:
‘In the loving memory of Natalia Diaz’

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