Sailing Ships Of A Rocky Coast

I’m standing on a cliff right in the middle of a storm. I could see a few tornados off shore. When I look out at sea, I can see two sailing ships fighting the waves. I think they’re French. The crew in the biggest ship, were jumping over board. They started swimming towards the cliff where I was standing. Soon enough they started climbing the rocky cliff.
Not long after they started climbing, I felt
something sharp, pointy and cold in my back. ‘It’s a sword’ I thought. So I drew my own very quietly and spun around. "Ahhhhh!" I screamed.
My opponent had sliced my back with their nice clean blade, but I fought back and sliced her
upper right arm. She fell to the ground sobbing
and holding her arm. When she was on the ground I flung her sword up into the sky and when it came down I caught it in my left hand and said to myself ‘I have four blades now.’ My enemy rolled in agony before passing out. She was defeated.
Just a couple of minutes after I caught the sword I heard gun fire from behind me. I ran and picked her up over my shoulder and drew my sword, then turned around. I was lucky to turn around when I did because a bullet was heading straight at us. Ting I cut the bullet into Mini pieces with my blade. I turned and ran. I had had enough fighting for today.
I’m back at my hut and the girl whose arm I cut is in the spare bed asleep with her arm all bandaged up. At about 5:00pm which is about tea time for me, she woke up. While eating tea, we had a chat and found out that we had things in common. Then I also found out that the captain of the two French ships was Brooke’s dad.
“He can’t be your dad Brooke! He was shooting at us before, after the fight. Remember?” I said.
“No I don’t remember anything after you stabbed me!” Brooke replied “Oh yeah, you were passed out. But hang on a minute, you stabbed me first!” I exclaimed. Both of us burst out laughing.
We spent two years together before we were married. I met Brooke’s dad Robert, Bob for short. We are best mates now. I found out why he tried to kill me; he thought I was kidnapping his daughter! We still laugh about the day we met at the cliff.
Brooke and I were married for a year, and then we had our first child. His name was Fred. Two years later we had Blake and Bradley. We then had another set of twins, Hailey and Ashley, when Blake and Bradley turned three. We lived happily ever after with our family in a Village until I was chosen to be a General at the castle of King Transylvania.
But that is another story...

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