A Cashmere Velvet Murmur

A spark of flaming electricity burning through my body
The unique, bright emerald eyes flashing beneath flawlessly arched brows
Ice cold hands tracing lazy patterns along my goose-bump spiked arm
The unevenly beating heart bashing against my chest
Threatens to escape as it quickens its eccentric pace
A radiant, mind voiding smile stretches across your adept feature,
Inciting a shiver as it breaks, shattering violently down my spine
The airy, placid breath brushes your unruly hair, rumpling it, creating an even messier snarl of russet
Benign and tender, your explicit, lean fingers tuck an abandoned lock of hair behind my ear
As you release my favourite crooked smile,
You start humming my lullaby in a cashmere velvet murmur


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