Crimson, Scarlet or Red, the feeling opposite of dread,
An excited flame, dancing, untamed,
The colour which has rainbows led
The next colour you behold is a deep yellow, known as Gold,
Shining like the rays of sun, a summer glow in which you run,
Dazzling and bright, is the colour Gold,
Covered in the fields of green, grass everywhere to be seen,
Mint, lime and leaves all grow painted the colour that we know as
Earth inspired, close to nature, Green
The beautiful colour of the sky, where clouds drift and eagles fly,
Sad it may look, but yet it shows an essence of truth that soars unknown
Blue, the colour of which lies the painting of our endless skies
The last colour keeps a uniqueness which makes my heart leap,
The first word that comes to mind, my favourite of the rainbow’s kind.
Sweetest is the Violet, the last on our colourful heap.