A Birthday To Remember

My name is Greta Higginson. I am nine and tomorrow I’m turning ten. I’m so excited! It is going to be the best birthday ever. I am having all my friends over for a pool party and sleepover.
Today is early Saturday morning and it is my birthday! I walked quickly down the stairs and sat at the kitchen table. I called out aloud to mum but there was no answer. I walked around the whole house, going room to room, calling out to my mum, dad and big brother, James. I returned to the kitchen and sat down in disappointment. “How could they forget that is was my birthday?” When I was just about to start to cry when Mum, Dad and James jumped out from behind the couch holding my birthday present wrapped in paper that had blue flowers and puppies in the design They then shouted in my face “HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRETA!” They didn’t forget! I was so happy that I hugged my brother (I normally don’t hug my brother because he’s my brother and he’s a boy).
Mum made me a special birthday breakfast called happy pan-cream (a pan-cream is mum’s homemade pancake shaped in a smiley face with ice-cream stuffed inside). I scoffed it down then whizzed upstairs to brush my hair and get ready for my party. A few minutes later I came downstairs to help tidy up and decorate the house with pink balloons and white streamers. I couldn’t wait to greet my first friend for my party. It was hard to wait patiently, I was getting very fidgety.
At last I heard the doorbell ring. I ran to the front door, I was so excited. I opened it and guess who it was? It was my best friend, Zafi. I didn’t have to wait long till all my friends were there. It was time for the party to begin. We jumped into the pool; it was freezing because we hadn’t had any sun for a few days. We splashed about and played about to get warm but it was no use, we were still frozen. So we scurried out of the pool and hopped straight into in the warm bubbling spa. What a relief.
It was time for a dinner of delicious hot mini quiches, pizza and spring rolls. After everyone had finished their hot food mum put the fantastic chocolate fountain in the centre of the table. There were marshmallows, grapes and strawberries to dip in chocolate on skewers. It was so delicious.
Next we all found a comfy spot on the lounge to watch Spooky Buddies whilst eating popcorn from mini cups - just like in the movies. The last treat of all was my magnificent 3D bunny cake. It was so scrumptious. With full tummies we cleaned our teeth and hopped under the sheets and went straight off to sleep - or did we...?


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