Gardinia The Place Of Wonders

Gardinia The Place Of Wonders

There was once a place called Gardinia but it was destroyed in a terrible attack by the monsters in the bad dreams of little children.

It was a wonderful place where the creatures and talking plants once lived. The day came where a small child named Sarah had a bad dream and it destroyed the whole of Gardinia.

To this day Sarah is an adult and she continues to have bad dreams, who knows, these dreams might be destroying other places beyond your wildest dreams. The only way Gardinia can once again be alive is if Sarah can dream a good dream. The only way Sarah can dream a good dream is if her thoughts carry her to a different world and she will start believing in herself once more.

Last night Sarah started to read before she went to bed. The spirits of Gardinia were watching over her, hoping that she would dream a good dream. Sadly the spirits came back with the bad news that she has not yet dream't a good dream.

written by Siobhan Gyzemyter

pronounced-: gar-dee-ni-a
(made up place)