Last Christmas

8 December Thursday 3:30pm

'Seya' I yelled and it was over. Summer holidays at last. It was over. Away from Mrs Belchman, closer to my newborn baby sister Margaret. I was proud to annonce when I got home that I had completed Year 6. The only bad thing that could happen now is... 'ROWENA!'. Yep, I knew it. The school Semester Report would put me back to hell.


Bondi State School hates me. 4 Ds, 6 Cs and 1 b on my School Report. My first present when I got home was a billion hour lecture from Mum telling me that 1623 divided by 4 does not equal 'whatever'.


Where's a calculator when you need one?


In Margaret's cot, of course!


1623 divided by 4 equals 405.75. You can find anything in Margaret's cot.


Madi my best friend called. Arranged a sleep over. Yes! The first positive today.


OH NO! Dad's home. Don't panic, don't panic. Just go onto YouTube and watch cat videos. It always helps to calm.


'Rowena!' Until now. PANIC!


That wasn't to bad.. he just gave me nappy changing duty for the rest of the year! Thank god it's only December...hang on... CHRISTMAS!
And I have nappy changing duty. Great. Instead of eating Christmas pudding I am going to be changing nappies. Sure, I love my sister but her poos are like green zombies from Uranus mixed with my Dad's toenails. Believe me, you don't want to be around whaen Dad's clipping his toenails. UGHH!
Thank-you for watching our program on the worlds worst toenails. Coming up next... MY LUNCH!!!

9 December Friday 11:34am

Marcus my boyfriend just called. SCORE! He bought me tickets to the footie. Our 523rd date! (No, I am not keeping count)


Haha! That cat is wearing earmuffs! Bring Bring. MADI! I picked the phone up.'Madi, what's up!'


'What do you mean?'

'I bought to tickets to the football game!'

'' Even I, Rowena Blatcinsoft, with my IQ of 96 could see what was going to happen next.

'I'm allowed to bring you!'


'I'll see you there!'



And she hung up. Oh, I'm a genius. I can predict the future.


What do I do?


I go with Marcus!


I dump Marcus and go with Madi. He'll understand...(hopefully)


Loves me, loves me not, loves me, loves me not.


Friends always come first.


Here I am, holding the phone, not knowing how to break it to him


Why am I stressing about this? I don't even like football!


This is going to be my Last Christmas with a friend and a boyfriend. Ohhh...

12 December Sunday 3:40 am

Arghhh! Football day! I spent the whole day yesterday asking Kathy, Rach and Tonya what to do. No decision made. Could my life get any worse? Yes! It could, we are having a blackout when I need to go on to my computer and watch cat videos.


Turns out the cable was unplugged!


Cat videos aren't working. How am I going to survive this?

More coming soon.

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