The Itchy Kangaroo

Finalist in the 'Legendary 2012' competition

Once upon a time in an enchanted forest there lived a very friendly and itchy kangaroo. His name was Itaroo which was short for itchy kangaroo.
One wet winter day he went out of bed feeling extremely itchy. So he went to the doctors. "Hi Dr Dog. I am feeling really itchy today!" exclaimed Itaroo. "Oh, I see. Why don't you try my brand new medicine? Only when you are extremely itchy you can have the medicine." explained Dr Dog.
After Dr Dog explained to him about the medicine Itaroo went to his neighbour's house for a play. His neighbour was a cat. Itaroo loved going to his neighbour's house because he had nice food every time Itaroo came over. Oh! And I forgot to mention his neighbour's name was Tom. "Hi Tom! Dr Dog just gave me this amazing medicine. He said..." and they contuined talking for ages.
After the long talk Itaroo went home to try the medicine Dr Dog gave him earlier. After Itaroo tried the medicine someting amazing happened! Itaroo stopped scratching for the first time! "This is the best medicine ever!" shouted Itaroo. His voice echoed in the forest. So he went back to tell Dr Dog that his medicine was so amazing! So from then on Itaroo lived happily ever after!!!
The End!!!


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