Danger, Danger
Parents Beware
Don’t look at me with such a mean glare
I studied really hard
But now my day is marred
By the dreaded D on my report card

Oh dangerously low is my grade
And now I feel I will have to wade
Through the punishment that is coming my way
A myriad of possibilities run through my mind
Which one will they choose I hope they are kind
Is it the IPod, the PlayStation my mobile phone
oh stop me now I inwardly groan

Oh me, Oh my I cannot see
how I could have possibly have gotten a D
I sat at my desk from morning till night
Studying and learning with all my might
I read and read for what felt like hours
Not even stopping to smell the flowers

I pass by the mirror what a handsome face
I think to myself as I quicken my pace
I head out through the door
And tip toe across the floor
I try to be quick as I think of my D
I’m going to be sick am I really this thick?

Oh here come the parents
They are dangerously close
I break out in sweat, I’m feeling morose
Danger, Danger
I’ve gotten a D
Kill me now or
So God help me


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