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Cat Girl (Poetry)

by Tamara Cooke, Grade 6, SA

This wonderful girl transforms in a cat and her name is cat girl she is also a super hero each day she finds Villon’s steeling jewellery from the jewellery store. Cat girl has a long tail, pink body and a orange mask.

The next day cat girl woke up and had her breakfast she decided to go out for a walk. When she went for a walk she saw this amazing boy his name was dog boy. Dog boy has a short tail, black body and a purple mask.

The next day cat girl slept with dog boy accept cat girl noticed that he had a girlfriend so cat girl asked “do you have a girlfriend” dog boy said “yes I do have a girlfriend” so cat girl said “get out!!! Of my house” “ok” said dog boy “now” said cat girl. So cat girl was crying all night about her true love.

The next day cat girl had a disease it was very bad coif so cat girl had to go to the doctor to see what was it cat girl was wrong it was sickness the doctor actually thinks it is very bad sickness so cat girl had to have surgery “surgery” said cat girl “yes” said the doctor “I do not want surgery” said cat girl “you have to” said the doctor “ok” said cat girl.

The next day cat girl had the surgery it took 4hours to do the surgery then cat girl went home and had a cup of tea after that cat girl had a nap then cat girl heard a knock on a door cat girl had to get up and open the door it was dog boy cat girl shut the door but dog boy stoped it from closing he told cat girl that he dumped his girlfriend so cat girl let dog boy in.

The next day it was an interesting thing cat girl went to the shops and saw dog boy hanging out with another girl, cat girl went up to dog boy and pulled dog boy away and said “you liar” said cat girl “I’m only messing around with those girls” said dog boy “you weren’t messing around with those girls” said cat girl “I am dumping you again bye” said cat girl.

The next day cat girl was feeling much better after dumping dog boy and having the surgery. Cat girl relaxed watching TV most of the day. When it was lunch time all cat girl had for lunch is tuna casserole then cat girl was full with food then cat girl sat down again and went to turn off the TV and went to sleep. At 5:00pm in the afternoon cat girl woke up and watched TV the rest of the time.

The next day cat girl woke up made her bed got into her clothes and had juice, also her cereal and her toast with cranberry sauce on it.

The end

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