Battle Of Palm Tree Island

Excellence Award in the 'Legendary 2012' competition

“This is crazy!” I scream as we begin to see land. Our invasion of Palm Tree Island has been delayed and now all of our aircraft are going to be flying in broad daylight. The mission was meant to occur under the cover of darkness but our forces were delayed. Planes are being shot out of the sky by the enemy forces left, right and centre. I am Captain Mark Star and our job as Australia’s Army, is to land as many aircraft on the beach before we take the island.
“Anti aircraft guns ahead,” calls our pilot. I grab the aeroplane’s door and jump out with Private Joe Phillips following me. Moments later our plane is shot down!

Miraculously we land safely because of our parachutes. We have landed in the jungle, away from the fighting on the beach. The jungle is more treacherous than the war zone as dangerous animals lurk in the jungle. I turn to Private Phillips and comment, “I think we’re the only survivors from that plane crash!”
Private Phillips agrees, “Hmm, I think you’re right. The General surely would have known the risks we are taking!”
“Yeah, you can only hope,” I agree.
“Well, enough talk, we need to do somethi…” I start to say.
“Did you hear that?” I whisper. Private Phillips sprints away and I follow.

“Quick, up this tree” I yell to Private Phillips. He starts to climb. I follow him to the top branches before I dare to look down. A black panther is clawing and growling at the base of the tree.
“What do we do?” Private Phillips whispers.
“Quick, shoot it!” I answer. He wrestles his gun free and shoots the panther. It flops to the ground releasing a final and deep growl which echoes through the jungle.
“Good shooting Private,” I praise. An increasingly loud noise comes from the sky, drowning out the shooting and explosions on the beach. I hear the unmistakable whine of bombs falling from aircraft before huge explosions. I lose concentration for a moment, release my grip and begin to fall. The rough bark of the tree splinters my hands as I attempt to slow my fall.
“That was an Australian stealth plane that just bombed the beach!” Private Phillips states as we meet at the base of the tree.
“Well that’s a good sign. Let’s go and investigate!”

We run towards the beach. I can imagine the beach before the war; golden sand and clear tropical waters but now it is a disaster zone! Black, charred wrecks that resemble parts of tanks and aeroplanes still burning with black smoke rising from them.
“Captain!” yells a Sergeant.
“Yes,” I respond.
“We have secured the beach! No one is left!” says the Sergeant eagerly.
“Well done Sergeant!” I commend. Beep, beep. My radio transmitter rings.
“Captain Star speaking…….Yes sir, I’ll report the news immediately!”
“The enemy have surrendered and the war is over.” I announce.
“We’re going home!”

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