A blanket of grey fills the sky, a drenched pair of birds flying by
As I sit here and write, by my lit lamp of light,
I listen to the sound of the rain
The pittering, pattering rain.

Mother Nature rejoices, as she faces the choices,
Of rain or the sweltering heat. The king of the clouds, she will meet,
And so the rain falls from the heavens,
From the glorious, billowing heavens.

Birds find shelter in tops of trees, droplets of water clinging to leaves
Animals huddled up tight to keep dry, celebrating the rain, wondering why,
Sweet song of magpie and rosellas again, fill the air as they sing for the rain
As they sing for the beautiful rain.

Splish and splash, it falls to Earth, watering seedlings, renewing birth
I jump up and grab dripping green leaves; I give it a pull, a tug and a heave
Resuming the cycle of life, down come the raindrops once more from the trees
From the glistening, sparkling trees.