A Bad Week

A Bad Week

A terrible week is when you get in-trouble or you fall over but if you knew the school week that I just went through trust me you’ll be begging not to go through it.
My name is Lily and it was a school week that means five days not seven. The week was a school girl horror. The boy I liked even went to school therapy because of the mess I put him through.
Monday was a terror I was wearing my beautiful school dress worth a fortune and my best friend (Georgina) spilt her red Slurpee that she had for lunch all over me. I was so horrified that I got up and yelled at the teacher. She went ballistic and put me on detention.
Tuesday was horrific I slipped over on dog-poo and landed in it. I got it all over my uniform and all in my hair. Also that night I had a sleep-over at Georgina’s house and I threw the ball at the fence it rebounded and hit me in the eye. That day I really regret.
Wednesday was a horrible day. The boy I liked saw my big black eye from the ball that hit me. That day I felt unwell and I asked the teacher if I could go to the school nurse but she didn’t believe I felt sick. Later that day I vomited all over the boy I liked ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!
Thursday was bad. I had the day off school because I was still sick. I went to the doctor and guess who was there? The boy that I liked! I tried to apologise for the things that I did but he didn’t listen because I had given him my germs.
Friday was awful I was back at school and I had to go in a research group with the boy I liked. He avoided me and told the teacher because I said his idea was dumb. GEEZ GIVE A BREAK!!!!!!!!!
So there’s my disastrous week. But over that week I found out school girl crushes are stupid things and no one should pay attention to them.



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