Jims Big Farm

Jims big farm
Hi, my name is Jim
I live on a farm
But not in a barn

The name of our farm is Delco
Just out of Ardlethan

We have a dog
He is a sheep hog

Our next door neighbour is a greeny
And he always wears the same old beanie

We grows lupins, wheat, oats, barley and tritacoli,
But we don’t have a Harley.

We are pretty poor,
But we can afford a wooden floor.

We have lots of silos,
And I drink lots of milos.

We have a big shed,
Full of lead.

We used to have a huge horse,
But we hired the army force.

To take it to town,
So it had a big frown.

We never get rain,
And it gives me and dad pain.

We have a huge dam,
And I love to eat blue ham.

We had a bad truck,
And we sold it for a buck.

We made five bucks,
And brought tow tonka trucks.

So don’t by a farm,
Because it will lead you to harm.

By James Lucas


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