Oh, The Places You Could Sleep

There was once a dog,
who slept like a log.
She would never get up,
not even to see her pup.
She slept here and there,
but with very great care.
She slept high and low,
but oh no, no.
She wouldn't stop there,
she would sleep with a hare.
Maybe a mouse -
a mouse in a house.
Maybe a cat,
actually not that...
But with a bird.
Maybe a nerd,
She might get smart,
or would she just fart?
So in a basket,
or should that be a casket?
She would sleep in a zoo.
Even a loo!
She'll sleep in Paris, New York Mexico
I wonder how far she can go?
China, Africa, New Zealand,
Germany, Ireland, England,
Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto,
maybe a planet Thuto!!
But she's happiest at home,
just her, all alone.