It is a solioquy from the perspective of Duncan from Shakespeares Macbeth

he has just been to the banquet at Inverness (Macbeths home) and these are his feelings about the events of the night.

What a strange dining that was. Mine host in their places whispering, away from thy King. The Macbeth’s, spoke in low tones more than should have been necessary. Mine ears were weak, not to hear their words. Was this poor hospitality disguising a scheme, just as mine visit is disguising my scheme? It was surely not needed that they spoke in such low tones in their plotting, unless in some way I was supposed not to hear. The witches were right once before is it very outrageous to believe them right again. There is surely something wrong here. They scheme, I sense it, they are not to be trusted, I must extend my security. I have but one chamberlain. This will not do, two should suffice to keep mine mind at ease. In the morrow I shall see to it myself that they are thoroughly investigated. They are suspicious in their countenance and actions. To think I was going to trust with much of my land and favour, Macbeth… (Dramatic Pause) Macbeth, he who was victorious for his King and Country, he who gladly accepted me into his home, he whom gave me a bed to sleep, a banquet to strengthen me. Macbeth who surely had good reason to whisper to his wife in that manner. He who was not an acceptable host but surely not also a traitor. His poor hospitality is indeed the only crime that he is guilty of. And even that I am sure he hath good reason. How absurd to think him treacherous, he, worthy Thane of Cawdor. If no one else he is the trustworthy cousin of my kingdom. He alone is the victor of the battlefield, the welcomer of the King, the giver of his food and bed. None other than him have ever been so hospitable. These thoughts of betrayal are false thoughts, instilled in me by the single man who deserves them thought of him. That treacherous swine hath made me paranoid and afraid. Even after his execution, his actions haunt my thoughts. A man on earth after death is hardly a man at all. Once a man is dead he is dead, this is the very indication of humanity. As he haunts my thoughts with paranoia he proves to me that he is no man, no man but a devil, a spirit of both worlds, be gone devil spirit, be gone so that I may stay true to Macbeth, my worthy Thane of Cawdor. Because indeed, Macbeth is worthy.

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