I Can See A Dark Cloud

My life is literally dark all the time. When I go to sleep and wake up it is the same. Nothing changes for me, day in day out. I wish something would change but it can’t not for me.
When someone says “Look over there!” or would talk about a colour I get a tear in my eye. I know I shouldn’t be sad because it’s always been this way but for some reason I don’t feel the same. Ever since I was little it was the only way I knew, all of a sudden I want to be like everyone I don’t want to be an odd one out anymore.
I don’t know why I am that left out. It’s not like I’m a hideous hag with warts and frizzed hair, I have long hair and not a freckle on my body. I sit by myself while people glare at me from metres away. I feel odd when they give me weird looks. They laugh in their little groups at me, I wish that I knew who they were.
Life is like that for me, miserable, dull and dark. That's what you should expect though, when you’re blind.