Valentines Day

It was Valentine’s Day when that sad end to a relationship happened in town square, exactly two years. It was when poor old john got dumped by the stupid Marry. But john has, as we know continued on in life peacefully but not on the valentine’s day of 2021, because he remembered what the dump bimbo did to him in 2019, and he wasn’t happy.
He went to her apartment, and he found that there was another man in the apartment. He was surprised and asked where she was, and to john’s amazement, she was out buying some food for her date for the evening. John then later found out where they were going and booked what he would be doing that night.
It was about 5:30pm when John went to his car; he had a greedy, evil smile on his face and was 100 precent ready for the job at hand. He was at town square, where he was dumped all those nights ago, and he had unpleasant flashbacks of the terrible night. He was parked across 20 meters away from her car; they were parked at the top floor of the 20 story building. As she walked to her car, John started his engine, he put all his traction control and other specs on his car on, he picked his moment carefully, he waited until she was at the boot of the car, and he sticked his pedel to accelerate and then, at that very second he had a flashback of the night, this made him extremely angry and he was 5 meters away travelling at around 60-80kms she turned around but it was too late, the dumb bimbo that hurt john those years ago had no chance to do anything, he looked into her eyes and all he saw was fear and wonder. No one ever knew why this tragedy happened and left the world wondering…


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