A Bomb

The Explosion
My heart was pounding out of my chest as we ran. We had a massive adrenalin rush. We were running as fast as a rabbit being chased by a fox. Our ears strained waiting for the bang. As we launched ourselves down the bank we heard the intense sound and earthquake like vibration. It had worked! We didn’t fail. As we lay down the bank all we could here was our heart beating and our ears ringing. We lay as quiet as a killer sneaking up on its victim. All we could do was wait, as all of town would have stopped in silence wondering what had just happened. As we rose to see the evidence of the bomb there was a small fire spitting up inside a massive crater. The turf was all ripped up and shrapnel was everywhere. We hesitantly walked over to the grave like hole to stomp out the fire. Once the fire was out the we placed another even bigger one in the exact same place. When we lit the bomb it seemed stupid and we started sprinting straight away from it. We shot down the bank like a bullet. We got into position and covered our ears for they were still ringing from the last intense sound wave. We waited and waited but nothing happened. We contemplated cheeking it out but we decided it was best to. I rose slowly and cautiously to see what was going on. As my head popped up and it was just in view a massive wave of air was forced toward me as the bomb went off. I was thrown harshly to the ground, landing on sharp rocks and dirt. My heart was beating faster than a cricket flaps its wings. My head was spinning; it felt like I was going to pass out. I was seeing blur. I couldn’t make out anything. Then I fell, rolling down the bank. I had no idea what had happened. Then after what seemed like hours I regained sight. My friends were all gone. As I walked down the road toward home, it seemed like I was being watched. Everyone in the neighbourhood seemed to be watching me. Even the trees seemed to be mocking me. The breeze was blowing into my face. Leaves were blowing everywhere. Grey clouds were coming up over the horizon. The sun was setting and the smoke was blowing away. Everything seemed to be extremely quiet.
When I arrived home it had just started to spit rain. Huge thunder was starting to crack. It was like I was being punished. The rain was like a tap now it was pouring down. The world seemed to have all changed.


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