V8 Super Cars

Snap, Crackle, Pop! Goes the V8 supercars. The V8 supercars raced at Mount Panorama. It is the biggest and most dangerous track in Australia. RED, RED,RED, GREEN. Rom, Smoke was everywhere. The two main competitors were Marcus and Tander. Marcus was a world class champion Nas-Car driver but needed a challenge so move to doing V8. Tander was a top V8 supercar driver.

Marcus was in 1st place. Tander was in 2nd place. Pop, Pop, Pop! Marcus was speeding around a corner. He saw he was out of fuel and it was ON THE LAST LAP!!! To make the situation worse Marcus brake line was cut by a rock on the track. His brakes were not working. He came to the chase, which is a sharp corner. Marcus was spinning out of control!!! HE DID 3 BARREL ROLLS 6 TIMES, HE HIT THE WALL, the CAR WAS ON FIRE!!! Marcus’ car was a wreck!
“That was an amazing sight!” said the commentator.
The race got shifted because the track was covered in trash from Marcus’ car. Phillip Island is a medium sized track. The track has 12 corners on the brilliant track.
At Phillip Island…. Marcus was out of the race and the two main competitors are now Tander and Frosty.
“OFF THEY GO!!!” said the commentator.
They had a big race. It was very tough for the racers. Tander got cut off by Frosty. Frosty was 2nd place and Tander cut off frosty. Then Harrison came in and cut off them both. Harrison zoomed across the track. The crowd went wild. The race was on. They shoved, they pushed and there were crashes everywhere.
Harrison was an awesome driver. He had a lambogini murcerlago. 5 seconds later BOOOOOOM!!!
Frosty smashed into a Nissan GTR35. The Nissan gtr35 had a big block engine. It was a hot pink car it did looked awesome before Frosty crashed into it. Frostys car slowed down. Now the race was between Tander and Harrison.
Brooom broom, they zoomed across the field. The race was nearly over. 2 laps to go. Broom broom broom!!!!! Off they go even faster. Smoke splashed from Tanders wheel, luckily he was ok. 1 lap to go. They zoomed around the track. They flew passed the finish. Tander came 2nd and then……… Harrison came 1st .
Then they gave their victory burnout. After that they gave speeches’. Tander, “ ihad a brilliant day .” Harrison gave his speeches,” that was a tough race today.


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