Harry Potter And The Search For Lego

At Hogsop, Harry, Ron and Herminie were in their potion lesson when all of a sudden, “Redukdow,” chanted a doomeater! Boom the wall was in pieces and the doomeater started attacking Hogsop. All the students tried to escape but Professor Spider trapped all the students, including Harry and his friends. Lord Voldarmort walked up to Harry and whispered, “Prepare to watch your friends die Harry Potter.”

Two days had past and Herminie had thought of a plan to find Lego pieces to finally defeat Lord Voldarmort once and for all. “But how do we get out of here?” asked Ron.
“I’ll help you get out,” answered a boy in the distance.
“It’s Neville!” shouted Ron with excitement.
“Shh be quite Ron, the doomeaters will hear you,” whispered Herminie. Neville ran up to the cage and while he was unlocking the cage, he explained how he hid and then used a sleeping spell called snoozo on a doomeater then grabbed the keys to the cage.

The doomeater woke up but Harry and the others didn’t notice until he heard a doomeater yell out, “All doomeaters, the students are trying to escape. I repeat the students are trying to escape.”
“Quickly let all the students out at once, so the doomeaters won’t see us!” yelled Harry. So all the students ran out of the cage knocking all of the doomeaters to the ground. Harry and the others were running to the door that led out of Hogsop, but a doomeater grabbed Neville’s leg. “Go on without me Harry!” yelled Neville in pain. Herminie pulled Harry out of Hogsop and used their teleporting powers to get away.

They made a camp on a rocky mountain trying to figure out where the Lego was. Harry decided to go outside and go for a walk when all of a sudden.

CRACK! “AHHHHHHHHHH,” screamed Harry! BANG!
“Ouch, well that was a hard landing,” moaned Harry in pain! As soon as Harry stood up, he saw lego everywhere and a book on how to build a ladder out of lego. A few minutes later he had built a ladder out of lego. He was nearly at the top when…

SNAP! The step on the ladder snapped in half. Harry quickly grabbed a root and the ladder before it hit the ground. Harry threw the ladder out through the hole which then broke into lego bits and one piece fell off the mountain and hit a doomeater, but he picked it up. Harry pulled himself out of the hole and ran to the tent. “I’ve found the lego!” yelled Harry with joy.
“Ok, now we need a book to tell us what to,” orded Herminie.

The doomeater gave Professor Snape the lego piece he found. When Lord Voldermort arrived at Hogsop he killed Professor Snape with a spell because he thought he was helping Harry Potter and the others. Voldermort locked the lego piece away where he would never find it. Harry Potter and the others were searching for the book when they came across a car with a light in it. “Let’s go in, we could find the book.” Said Harry. Right before they entered the cave, Ron hid behind a rock because he was scared of bats, so Harry and Herminie has to go IN. They followed the light and they found the hook. As they were running out of the cave, they realised Ron was gone. They went back to the tent thinking Ron would be there but he was not. “A doomeater must of got him,” said Harry in a serious voice.

They decided to build the mega wand out of lego then save Ron. It too them two hours but they couldn’t finish because they didn’t have a piece, so they had to go to Hogsop with no mega wand. When they arrived in Hogsop they went to find Ron. “Help me help me,” begged an old man. “It’s Maxador!” shouted Herminie in shock. They ran to a cage to unlock it when they saw Ron. They unlocked the cage using a spell then ran and unlocked all the other cages until they had an army. They ran to Voldarmort’s army to defend him, but as soon as they got there the box with the final lego piece broke open and they had a war. Harry picked up the lego piece and put it on the mega wand and defeated Lord Voldarmort and won back Hogsop.


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