The wind was blowing and lightning was striking. A group of sailors were about to sail for the scariest journey of their life. They were going to set sail for the Nile, where no other ship had dared to sail before.
THe ship was sailed by the world's best sailors, Sam Abley, Tom Lewry, Hamish Barclay and Ahmed Omran.
"Hey Sam, let's go, you're making us late," yelled Ahmed.
"All right," andwered Sam.
The ship set sail. Hamish was making food for the crew, Ahmed was playing with his Gameboy, while Sam and Tom were fighting about who should be captain.
Suddenly, a creature appeared from the bottom of the Nile. The creature was 1,100 feet tall and looked like a giganitc snake.
Sam was so scared that he wet his pants.
Hamish yelled out, "Voldemort," because the monster kind of looked like him.
Ahmed decided to call the monster "Hamomort."
Hamomort attacked the ship and made a deep hole in it, but before it sank Ahmed found a submarine.
The submarine could only fit three people which meant that one of the four friends had to stay on the ship and DROWN!
Ahmed told the others about the submarine and they all tried to kill each other in trying to get into it.
While they were fighting Ahmed found a stick and stabbed it into Sam's back. SAM DIED!
This left all three of the friends alone in the Nile without a compass, because Sam hid it before he died.
The three friends entered the submarine and went under the water but their problems weren't over yet.
They were still chased by Hamomort but they managed to get him off their backs.
They entered and underwater cave and found a creature which looked friendly.
"Hi," said Ahmed to the creature, "my name is Ahmed. This is Hamish and Tom. What is your name?"
The creature didn't answer, in fact it got something from the ground that looked like a knife and threw it at Ahmed. It hit Ahmed right in the head and killed him.
Both Hamish and Tom, after they saw Ahmed's death, charged the monster and hit his head with a rock, which made a really big sound. It was a terrible sound which caused the cave's exit to become blocked by rocks.
Tom and Hamish both went to sleep. They did not notice that they were imprisoned underwater.
When they woke up they found themselves in an underwater arena.
They also discovered that Hamomort had returned and he was angry and hungry.
Hamish reached for a gun and shot Hamomort but nothing happened.
Hamomort attacked Tom and ate him, but in the process one of Hamomort's teeth fell off so Hamish used it to stab him with it.
That was the end of Hamomort.
Hamish then tried to get out of the water but couldn't because he was exhausted.
Hamish drifted off to sleep and was never to see the light of day again.


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