A Bomb In New York

A bomb was set up in New-York, USA, when an agency got a signal on the computer for a minute. But they could not find the bomb, the only thing they knew about it was that it’s in New- York. All over the city searched two secret agents, their names were: James and Kate.
Looking all over the city was like looking for a fish in the entire ocean.
A week later, outside a café, stood a young boy asking for money. While Kate was looking for some money to give to the little boy, she heard a beeping sound. She shouted to James from outside the café, he sprinted back out with the coffee that he dropped. In the same second he heard the bee ping sound coming out of the boy’s jacket. The boy started running as fast as he could, as Kate and James were behind him. He got into one of the old buildings and locked it so James and Kate could not get in. walking back to the agency to tell their boss what had happened, when they saw a piece of paper on the floor. They picked it up and started reading it out loud,” everything is in places, we’re ready –meet me at 2.00 am and we’ll go from there, J.”
Two days later they sneaked inside the same old building and saw the same young boy locked in a room, chained up to a big piece of metal.
He could not move, Kate was trying to unlock the chain that held the boy to the big piece of metal, but
She heard the boy whispering, “Don’t even try, the minute you de, the bomb will explode.”
Kate did not take the chance of taking it off the kid. She put her hand strait in after the boy took his hand out and it was on her.
“Go! Run as fast as you can!” The kid started running.
“Go James!” she shouted. There were only a few minutes left and James ran to catch up with the boy.
After two minutes, the beeping sound started again, getting faster and faster. Two more minutes passed and the beeping sound was still going.
Kate looked down at the bomb and saw a red light on the bomb and now numbers going 3…2…1… the building cracked, a few people died but most of them survived, Kate was not one of the survivors.


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