Give Me A Reason

Give me a reason why that girl cries at night,
A beautiful, intelligent young woman beaten in a fight,
Driven to self-destruction, believing she was not good enough.
Sworn at and put down by girls who thought they were tough.

Give me a reason why that boy stays at home,
Being too scared to go to school; too scared to walk alone.
How is this fair that he is forced to miss out?
Whilst those who caused this fear, will eventually flunk out.

Give me a reason why they are labelled as some other kind,
Ignored and disrespected by those those who are simply blind.
The majority of those alienated will choose not to care,
But for those who are hurt, they'll remain silent and accept the stares.

Give me a reason why these people feel this pain,
Why they are labelled as different by others who are simply vain,
I think it's time we each took a stand,
Against the bullying of those who need a helping hand.

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