Walks Along The Beach.

We were walking to the beach. You know sort of stumbling and talking. Just trying to keep the conversation going. Bumping into each other. Just kind of making excuses to touch each other I guess. And once my feet touched the supple yellow sand, I removed my clingy shorts and eliminated my gaping oversized cropped T-shirt. Exposing my olive skin. I turned around to see him staring at me, with a confused smile as to why I was hurrying so fast. He examined my body. I giggled and without a second thought proceeded into the water with a soft splash.
I dive under; the lime green seaweed tickled my stomach as I swam out. The starfish lay lifeless on the seabed. I hear him shouting out for me to wait, but I don’t. I swam out as far as I could and then turn around to find that he is not on the sand anymore and neither the water. I worry for a second and make circular motions with my feet, shifting my body around in the water. I feel bubbles from beneath me. I look down only to see him coming up to the surface. He raises me onto his broad masculine shoulders. We titter and laugh. I yell at him for scaring me and he splashes me playfully. We soak our bodies in the salted water, staring into the glaring sun.
We make eye contact but neither of us looks away this time. We just stare into each other’s eyes with soft smiles on our sunlit faces. He blushes and moves closer towards me making slight ripples. I giggle and go under the water. The sheer green coloured see through water. I try to make my way back to the shore, but before I can go any further. He grabs my feet and pulls me into is chest. Making small discrete bubbles, he hugs me and tickles me until I make my escape and come up for air.
We laugh and cough up the water our lungs engulfed as we stumble onto the sand bank. He chases me until eventually I give way and fall with my back onto the sand. He falls on top of me, his arms on either side of my head. His head blocks the sunshine as I gaze into his piercing eyes. His green- blue eyes. His dampened hair drips salty tear-like drops onto my lips. Our giggling comes to and end our faces become neutral. Our eye contact becomes constant. His face comes closer and closer to mine.
His tender lower lip brushes up against my chin as he makes his way towards my mouth. He smells of sweet cologne. We shut our eyes as our lips make contact. He gently lays his hand on the side of my face and strokes my jaw. He looks up. Brushing the strand of hair off my cheek as it slides ever so lightly past my ear. His thumb rubbing softly caressing my earlobe. His fingers now supporting the back of my head as he leans in and firmly yet seductively places his lips on mine once again. I can feel him quickly inhale pulling the air from my own lungs our breath moist with desire; I pull his body closer and embrace him holding him tightly against me feeling the race of our hearts as one. The butterflies clawing at my stomach is indescribable.
As he kissed my neck I opened my eyes. The sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds. The blue sky had turned into a dull grey colour. The sand beneath me had sunken. He sat up and then sank back onto his elbows. I sat crossed legged admiring him. We just sort of, you know smiled at each other, we didn’t really say anything. He stood up and gave me a hand. I collected my ragged clothing and we started walking back the same way we came. I turned around to take one last look at the crystal clear water. It was high tide. The sand was dinted from where our bodies layed.
Whilst the ocean washes away our impressions in the sand, my memories of this moment never fades.