by Isobel Piercy

Stardust, warm to hands that feel,
Sparkles to eyes that see,
Shimmers in water so mysteriously.
I love the stardust that sparkles on me.

Dolphins like to splash around,
Riding the waves so free.
They're playful, fast and intelligent
As they swim across the sea.

Birds fly high up in the sky,
Gliding on wings spread wide,
Returning with food for their young ones
Which in their nest do hide.

Horses gallop across the plains,
Wild, majestic and free.
Pausing to nibble on fresh green grass,
They snort, neigh and whinny.

Mountains are so strong and tall.
They're hard, stern and craggy.
You'd think the land belonged to hten,
They tower over it so proudly.

Nature is so wonderful,
The way the months go by.
Summer, autumn, winter and spring,
Beautiful changes the seasons do bring.

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