The Mosquito

Finalist in the 'Written in the Stars 2013' competition

It was 6.30pm and the family was getting ready for dinner.
"Mmmm, yum!" said a nearby mosquito.
"I've found my dinner. Now all I have to do is get in! Hmmm."
"Ahh! Of course! I'll take the dog!"
So the mosquito flew over the dog and said to the flea in charge, "One ticket inside please."
"Sure, I'll drop you off in the lounge," said the flea.
"Sure thing," said the mosquito.

After riding for a few seconds they arrived in the lounge. Unfortunately the six year old girl had left the TV on and 'Dora the Explorer' was on.
So without thinking the mosquito blocked his ears, jumped off the dog (after leaving his payment of course) and headed for the kitchen, but just as he got to the doorway he heard something.
"PSSST, over here!" It was a beetle.
"I wouldn't go in there if I were you!" said the beetle.
"Why not?" said the mosquito.
"Because they've got bug repellent in there. But if you follow me, I'll show you a secret way in! The air vent!"

So mosquito and the beetle went inside the air vent.
"You're lucky," said the beetle.
"One more step and you would have been dead in an instant!"
"Yeah," said the mosquito. "Real lucky."
Soon they reached the other side of the air vent.
"Thanks for everything," said the mosquito.
"No problem," said the beetle.
So with that all out of the way the mosquito went to get his dinner, but just as he was going to suck the blood of the father, the mother screamed extremely loud...
"Ahhhhhhh!!!!" and got the bug spray and started spraying like mad!
"I'm doomed," said the mosquito, but just before the fumes reached him the beetle came in screaming, "NOOOO!" and pushed him to safety. Unfortunately the beetle wasn't so lucky!

"WHY? It should have been me!" said the mosquito. So after the last tears were shed and the beetle had slowly passed away, the mosquito furiously flew to the mother.
"This is for the beetle!" shouted the mosquito and with that said, he poked his mouth into the mother and sucked with all his might, and then let go, revealing a large lump.
'Hmm, O positive. Not my favourite but it'll do. I wonder what the father has? Please be O negative,' thought the mosquito as he flew over to him.
"It is O negative! Yeh!" he said while he was sucking the father's blood.
"That hit the spot. Wait, what's this? Ha ha!"
The mother had opened a window.
"Now I can skip the hassle and fly straight out!!" exclaimed the mosquito. "I have found my escape route!"
So with that said, the mosquito flew out the window and back home.

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