Land Of Zombies

One spring afternoon there were three brothers in their early 20’s. Bryce the youngest at 20 and liked to play sports like NRL and fishing. For a living he is a fighter pilot. Then there is Alex (Chucky) who is 21 who likes sports like NRL and fishing who is a famous NRL footy player who plays for the West Tigers. Then there is Zac who likes fishing, golf and rugby league. He is 21 and also is a famous rugby league player.

So the three boys packed up, said their goodbyes then headed off to northern New South Wales to a fishing hole where their father took them when they were only young. After a long three hours of driving the brothers reached camp. When they unpacked they went into the woods to go shooting. When they were creeping though the woods they were hearing strange noises. So out of the middle of nowhere came a loud scream. It was Bryce, he saw a body awaken from the dead. Then there were ten of them that had him cornered up against a rock face. Bryce was thinking he was as good as dead. But out of nowhere came Zac and Alex shooting down all the zombies with Alex yelling out to Bryce saying, “Grab your gun and let’s get out of here.” So Alex, Bryce and Zac all raced back to the camp and jumped into the car with Zac saying while he was driving, “Get ready we’re surrounded.” With that Bryce replied, “What should we do???” “Just fire like crazy!!!” said Zac. So the brothers travelled as fast as they could to the nearest town which worked out great because it was their home town but when they got there it was like a ghost town with no one around for miles. They hopped out of the car and were looking for any survivors. Then zombies started coming from everywhere running out of control at the boy with these people following close behind them. So they joined forces to wipe out the zombies. As soon as the job was done the unknown people were offering their help to the boys. So they took up their offer so they went to their hide out. When they were there they had a random phone call saying, “Hello my name is Carnal Sullivan. Can you and the other survivors come to Brisbane because we have found a quire to spray on the zombies to turn them back to human and we need your help.” With Zac saying, “We’re on the way.”
So after a four hour drive to Brisbane they were taken to a secret location south of Brisbane at the army force base to load the weapons to spray all the zombies. With this special formula that the zombies are attracted to. So they ended up spraying all the zombies and after an hour they were still coming but they were turning back to human.

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