Darkness Rules The Night

The Darkness crept like a sickly beast, dawning upon the light
Its shadows stalked the end of day, then chased into the night
All light scampered far and wide, a creature great in fright
Nothing dares to conquer it, when Darkness rules the night
For night itself is not the dark, night is just a time
A time where Darkness lashes out, where Darkness rules sublime
Darkness plays with sly foul tricks, it’s hungry for your fear
Noises echo through its midst, when we take fright it leers
We jump at every creak and crack, unsure what made the sound
But search for reason long and hard, the cause is never found
The Darkness hints false sight to us, a flash of doom so near
The floor becomes a gaping hole, a wolf crawls from the deer
A refuge we so often make, a candle burning bright
But Darkness clusters close around, ready for the fight
One false move or wisp of wind, the sanctum light is dead
Darkness pounces in a flash, upon your fear it’s fed
But back at last does Darkness go, when the daybreak comes
Yet Darkness waits with clever mind, twiddling its thumbs
It waits until we feel safe, till fear is all forgotten
Then out it comes from every crack, mind so sick and rotten
For Darkness never really leaves, just hiding out of sight
Between two books or under desk, where corners press so tight
We can’t escape it coming back, to leave its filthy mark
So exposed in friendly light, you can’t hide from the dark


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