Fairy Brave

Charlie zoomed into The Fairy Academy. Violet explained about the new girl in their class. Once they were seated Madame Poppy introduced Jessica Rainbow and chose Charlie as her buddy. As the two girls introduced themselves excitedly; they didn’t notice the person sniggering in the shadows.
On the way to lunch they met Holly and Violet. The girls sat down and peppered Jessica with a million questions. Holly suggested a lunchtime game of Airtag. Jessica made a weak excuse and silently walked away. Holly was suspicious but the others just laughed.
Later at the park the girls were discussing the creepy men in dark coats and hats that seemed to be everywhere. Suddenly one of these men swooped down next to them. He was with the Secret Fairy Service and scanned them. He got very excited when he found goblin residue and insisted he would be keeping a close eye on Jessica. Holly and Violet quickly made excuses and left Charlie alone with Jessica.
Charlie cheered Jessica up by taking her to the Magical Fairy Urn. As they passed through the AntiGoblin force field, Charlie explained about the Golden Key. Charlie filled up two bags of fairy dust with the Golden Key. But Jessica slyly hides the key in her pocket. As the two girls exit they notice four secret service fairies following them. Charlie challenges them but they disrobe, showing themselves as goblins. They shove Charlie to the ground and rush off with Jessica.
Charlie takes off after the goblins and finds them down an alley. As she approaches they push a dazed Jessica to the ground and hold aloft Jessica’s Key and fairy dust. They grin when they see Charlie and all of them throw a handful of dust over her, demanding she turn into a newt. They are dumbstruck when nothing happens. Charlie smiles and produces her pouch of real fairy dust and the real Golden Key.
“You did’nt think I would let you have the real key, did you?” Charlie asked. Suddenly another goblin grabs her from behind, forcing her to drop the pouch and key. The goblins cackle with delight as their leader picks up the Golden Key and the rest push her against the wall, surrounding her. “Thanks for bringing us the real key, you meddling fairy” sneered the goblin leader. “Now we don’t need you or the silly human anymore.”
The goblin leader ordered Jessica to bring Charlie’s fairy dust to him. As she walks towards them he explains how they kidnapped her from the human world and entranced her to steal the key for them. He holds out his hand expectantly but instead Jessica throws the dust over all of the goblins. Charlie sees her chance and utters the transformation incantation. After a blinding flash Charlie and Jessica are alone in the alley with five cockroaches scurrying away. Charlie embraces Jessica as she begins to apologise; insisting she is a hero and welcome in Fairyland whenever she wants to visit.


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