My Happy Ever

Finalist in the 'Written in the Stars 2013' competition

Mya is my name I’m living a wonderful life.
You’d never know my past unless you saw it through my eyes.
Hospital is no stranger to me I know my way around,
Away from family and friends and in a whole new town.
People don’t see my pain or know how it feels to be me,
Put through all kinds of medical tests and surgery.
Yes I’ve had a transplant at nine it was done,
Every wish I wished for was a kidney and it did come.
Very lucky I’ve done TV interviews and flown overseas,
Everything to help children who are sick like me.
Reliving my kidney story is easy I do it everyday,
After seeing my reflection my scars don’t go away.
Forever I will be grateful for love of friends and family,
To my aunty who gave her kidney for me.
Each day I’m happy to be living I love to laugh and sing,
Reaching out for the stars my life is so amazing!

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