Goose Pie

Finalist in the 'Written in the Stars 2013' competition

The goose would honk in the morning sun,
Knowing perfectly well what had to be done.
The scary farmer would steal her eggs,
No matter how much that goose would beg.
The goose wondered what the farmer would do,
With those beautiful eggs, so fresh and new.
Would he sell them at the market to get good money?
Would he eat them for breakfast with Weet Bix and honey?
The gander plotted ideas in his head,
“I’ll get that farmer before I’m dead!”
Then into the house came the farmer’s wife,
Holding a plate and a very sharp knife.
“I have a treat,” the lady said,
And she showed him the plate while nodding her head.
She placed it on the table and winked her eye,
She cheerily asked, “Would you like some goose pie?”

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