What no more I can see lies heavy in my heart
What no more I can do tears us far apart
No more can I stop their reign of hurt and fear
No more can I stop their army coming here.

An army spreading heartbreak, lying in my soul
Dormant yet alive, its spirit one and whole
What no more I could do to stop our every fight
The heartbreak tore us up, 'tis now a lonely night.

The walls share my tears, peeling, old and grey
The windows block their light from the sunny day
The light is unfeeling, brings me naught but cold
And I sit here and think of him, stay until I'm old.

His red hair so bright that would lighten up the sky
His hand entwined in mine, to stay there till we'd die
A laugh that moved the continents, a heart pure and whole
He stole my heart, he touched my soul, add me to the toll.

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