The Seven Sacred Swords

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

Bellblade the warrior was going through a snowy, cold and windy forest. Suddenly everything went black and the only light was the moon. She knew it would be hard to get the swords but now she also knew that someone was trying to stop her!
Bellblade drew her sword and a brilliant light shone out. In the light she saw him, with his red, glowing eyes, green skin and the axe that was stuck in his head as usual. It was Axe Master! He was blinded by the light and covered his eyes with his hands.
She pressed her sword against a tree its leaves began to glow very brightly. A rock from under the ground pushed up and stairs appeared leading to a nearby mountains peak. Bellblade walked up the stairs into the clouds then down again into the heart of the mountain.
She found the Second Secret Sacred Magic Sword in a room full of sharp, glittery crystals that were pointing out of the wall. She excitedly picked up the sword and put it in the sheath that she had made for it.
Bellblade heard a noise behind her and she span around; it was Axe Master’s pet! It was a giant, two-headed bulldog with red glowing eyes just like Axe Master’s. It roared in her face, so Bellblade pulled out the First Secret Sacred Sword and shone it in the creature’s eyes. It followed the light and when Bellblade pointed at the door it ran out.
“You won’t stop ME that easily!” came the voice of Axe Master. Axe Master knocked the First Sword out of her hands with his axe. Bellblade drew the Second Sacred Magic Sword and summoned its power to blast him with fire! Bellblade saw the Third Secret Sacred Sword stuck in a crystal and while Axe Master was burning, she ran over and pulled it out. She knew that the Third Sword had the power of summoning mystical creatures. Bellblade concentrated and summoned a dragon that appeared in a flash! It roared and bit Axe Master’s head off then coughed out the axe.
Bellblade collected the swords and continued on her quest to find the rest of the Seven Secret Sacred Magic Swords.


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