Lachlan's Day Out

One day there was a young chap called Lachlan he would annoy his mother and farther. But one day when he was just waking up and getting dressed for the day he heard screaming and things getting thrown around. He didn't like it when his parents would fight. When they did fight he would climb underneath his bed ad cry until they stopped fighting. but one day his parents had a really big fight so he packed his bag and jumped out of the window he ran as fast as he could he ran and ran until he ran his heart out. When he stopped running he looked around he didn't know where he was he was lost he saw a tree that he could climb so he climbed to the top of the very top of the tree but all he could see was very tall buildings so he decided to sleep in the tree. The next morning he woke up in his bed he was back home to know that he didn't actually pack his bag and jump out of his window his parents where still I bed. He gave a sigh of relief and went back to bed to wait for his parents to wake him up. He lay there in hi bed waiting for his parents to wake him up.

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