George The Microscopic Worm

“Hello, I’m George and I’m a microscopic worm, I’m very, very, very tiny, maybe smaller than a germ.
Antarctica is the continent where I can be found, I live there pretty well all year round.
But there’s something about me that you don’t know, something most disturbing that’ll make you go Uh Oh.
Well I am planning to take over the world, yes you heard me right. And my plan is one most very grand, it’ll really give you a fright.
I’m gonna buy an atomic bomb from the hardware down the street. Prop it up on top of Parliament House then watch John Howard get blown off his feet. After the whole government’s gone and there’s no one left in charge, I’ll gladly step right up and be the new sarge.
When everybody’s under my complete control, I can finally sit down, relax and don’t do anything at all.
Now I’ve got what I wanted I’m on top of the world and I guess that’s all it’s worth. Because I’m the happiest little worm on Earth!!!!!

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