Pixel Chix

2nd in the 'Poetry/Short Story Competition of 2007' competition

“Let’s scare him!” Whispered my friend Vivi as she squashed next to me behind the T.V.
I waited as my brother Cody ran in to watch The Simpson’s.
“We’ll jump out on three” I whispered to Vivi. That’s when I noticed a red button that said NEVER EVER TOUCH! As I tried to move away from it my brother appeared and shouted “Busted, Erin! I’m telling mum!”
I jumped up and hit the red button. Suddenly, I felt myself disintegrating into a… million… colourful…. Pixels. A spilt second later I was my usual self again. Or was I?
I looked at my hands and they were painted yellow. Vivi had tall, blue hair and looked like Marge Simpson. The animated furniture confirmed my theory. We were in The Simpson’s!
It took a few minutes to sink in that somehow we had gone inside the T.V. I needed to get home and fast.
“The news” I blurted. “My mum always watches it. If we get on the news we can tell her to click the red button!”
Soon we were out the door, across the lawn and on the news set. And there she was! Tracey Grimshaw, about to start the news. I grabbed Tracey’s coffee and spilt it on her!
“Ohhh! That’s going to stain” I said nudging Vivi “But don’t worry, my assistant will help you change.”
As soon as Tracey left her desk, I jumped in her chair and stared out. I could see into my living room. I saw Cody, followed by dad. I said in my best news presenter’s voice, “Good Evening, this is Erin Stone with the news but first, dad or Cody, could you push the red button behind the T.V, the one that says NEVER EVER TOUCH?”
Just then I felt something hard smack me in the side of the head. It was a football! The concrete gave way to grass and a screaming crowd.
Vivi was standing next to me shouting ‘RUN!”
I looked back over my shoulder and saw the Wallabies coming at me.
“Dad must have turned on the Rugby!” I said as I held the ball and ran for my life!
I was still catching my breath when some lights turned on. Now there were models everywhere. Vivi appeared in really high heels and said “Great Erin, your mum’s watching Australia’s Next Top Model!”
I changed quickly and joined in. That’s when I saw mum. She looked shocked, stunned and… REALLY ANNOYED to see me in such a short dress!
“Mum, push the red T.V button” I shouted before me heel snapped and I fell off the stage.
At eight twenty five… POP, BANG, CRASH! We fell back into my living room five minutes before the Crocodile Hunter was due to begin.
“Crickey!” I said before I headed upstairs and went to bed.


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