In a world where no mortal could enter there was a village called Goldaterria. It was all gold when an evil scientist turned all the gold into dust. The chief’s guard kicked him out of the village. That day he vowed that he will not drink water until he destroys the whole village. He made a potion that could make him stronger and smarter. He worked for months and months. Then one day he had done it. He had created an army of demons. They were the size of a dog. But when they drank a potion called Largeads they could turn into a creature with wings that could breathe acid out of its mouth. On the other side the chief whose name was Aurthor was creating an army of soldiers that could do power full magic. Very soon chief Aurthor got married. In about 3 years Aurthor got a child. He named him Akash. Akash was very intelligent. When he was 10 years old he could do magic like the soldiers. But while that was happening the evil scientist was creating more demons. In 11 years the evil scientist created more demons that were more powerful and more potions that could do dark magic. When Akash was 21 he had done 3 impossible quests. One of the quests was to fight the headless ghost. He found a crown that could create an invincible sword. Next he had to fight the fire breathing dragon. He found a shield. Next he had to fight the arrow master. He could aim an apple from 2 mile away. Akash used his shield so he could be protected from the arrows. He found a ring that could call a phoenix. After that he had to fight the medusa. Finally he had to fight the mixed up demon. It had the body of a lion, legs of a goat, wings of a dragon and a tail of a snake. He had to use all of his strength. He got badly wounded, but he had defeated it. He got armour that could call an army of 1000000 immortal soldiers. He went back to his village. Akash also got a nickname it was Man Of Death. While all that was happening the evil scientist was creating more power full positions. One of them could make a storm of demons. Very soon the evil scientist had created 1100000 demons. In 2 years they were ready to battle. The battle went for days and days. Goldaterria was getting weak but the demons were getting stronger. When there was no hope left Akash remembered the things he had found during his quest. He thought it was time to use it. So he called the phoenix, the sword and all the immortal soldiers. Now Goldaterria was winning epically very soon Goldaterria won the battle and the evil scientist was killed during the battle. In minutes all the dust was turned into gold.

Story By: Akash Kumar