Jack's Cleaning Day

One day the postman rang the bell, and brought a letter from Aunt Nell
Her note gave Jack quite a shock, it said she'd come at three o'clock!
He checked his watch. His watch said "noon",
"oh no" said Jack. "That's too soon!
My house looks like a garbage heap! I have to iron, dust and sweep!"
So Jack started cleaning up, he spilled the coffee in the cup
He stumbled on the coffee pot, the more he cleaned the worse it got
The hangers all were hooked in chains, his shirts were muddied up with stains
The hamper held no dirty clothes, for it was stuffed with a garden hose
Later, the house was sparkling clean and neat, the flowers made rooms smell sweet.
"We made it" Jack said "its three! thanks so much friends, for helping me!
Then Luke spied the note from Nell, and let out an awful yell
"you didn't read the letter right, she's coming one week from tonight!"
Poor Jack said "what can I do? My house is clean right now, it's true
In seven days I'd make a mess, I'd make a mess in even less...
I know, I'll stay with Luke Shawse, that way I'll keep my tidy house."
Poor Luke groaned because he knew, his house would soon look like a zoo.


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