Lane Frost - The Bullrider

Once there lived a young man named Lane Clyde Frost, Lane was born in October, 12 1963 Oklahoma he lived on a ranch with his Dad and Mum also all of the cattle and horses. Lanes Dad was a bull rider back when he was young and Lane wanted to do the same but take it even further, Lane tried to always make time for the next rodeo between his work and family even though he worked for his parents. But he didn’t have a licence so he got his friends to drive him everywhere his friends were Tough Hedamen and Rogger Nicoles but Tough didn’t have a licence either so Rogger drove them everywhere but even though Rogger didn’t ride bulls he still drove but he did share grace before they rode and told jokes to the people at the back of the chutes. Lane was well known back in his youth but even more .Well known as the years went on like in 1987Lane was the World Champion Bull Rider, he just he just finished his first video “BULL TALK’’. And when I said that Lane wanted to take his riding career I wasn’t joking because Lane made the NFR 5 times in a row the NFR is National, Finals Rodeo but he went to was in 1986 but he was just to be found as the average Bull Rider. This young and charismatic cowboy has become one of the most popular rodeo performers in the nation. In 1988 he was offered a chance of a life time, to put his world class skills against the unbeatable “RED ROCK” Bull. During the summer, these two champions met to see who the king- of- the –hill was. After all the dust was settled, the world found Lane Frost on his feet and the winner. But a year later in July 30, 1989 Lane Clyde Frost chose a bull named “TAKING CARE OF BUISNESS” bull. When Lane was getting ready to come out of the chute he was having nice clean ride and road till the buzzer as well but until when he jumped he tripped and as Lane was about to get up the bull drove it’s horn into the body of Lane Frost and puncturing his liver causing internal bleeding and because it was such a critical blow this young cowboy Lane Clyde Frost later died in the arena even though they tried to rushed him to the hospital he just couldn’t hold on long enough. But now he is remembered more than ever the legends spirit still lives on.

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