Dancer For Life!

My passion and love is totally dance,
Who wouldn't love to turn and prance.
When the music starts I concentrate,
My passion for dance is my strongest trait.
I do lots of dance its just such fun,
I've been dancing since I was just 1,
I love doing jazz, acro, lyrical and hip-hop
My love for dance will just never stop!
I do think I was born on the stage,
I've been there since a very young age.
The thrill of being in front of a crowd,
And when they applaud, I'm ever so proud!
I love to turn, kick, leap and jump,
Even though sometimes it ends in a thump!
I love to perform our newest routines
And when we dance we work as a team
The bright, lights, the make-up, all the cheer
This makes why I dance so clear
I'm always practising with my friends even when the music ends,
So come on everyone, have a dance and give my favourite sport a chance

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