Fairy Land

Once in a magic fairy land there was everything you could imagine and more. There were houses of jelly, rocky road roads, animals of chocolate and people made of jelly. Everything was perfect, that very afternoon something terrible happened OLIVIA the witch came and terrorized the village and said “I’m back and you will never defeat me.”

Everyone in fairy land was running around like a bunch of wild chooks, Mia the mayor said “everybody calm down we can fix this we just need to work as a team”. Suddenly a person from the crowd bobbed up and said “but what can we do”. So the people of fairy land though continuously.

Suddenly someone said “we should make an army”. Mia the mayor said “that’s a great idea so they grabbed everybody from fairy land and rebuilt everything that had been damaged. They made everything bigger and better then they made a plan on how they are going to defeat Olivia the witch

The very next day Olivia the witch came so they were ready and they got a bucket of water and they poured it all over her and she melted. Everyone in fairy land was so happy so they celebrated at Mia the mayor’s house. Fairy land never got damaged ever again. The end.


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