A Land OF Survival

Excellence Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

The lands of survival By patrick Gillen
Once in the jungle there was a adventurer, naval marine officer called jake and his pet
wolf called Aston.jake carved the inside of a tree and made his home there. They made
bridges from tree to tree at the largest tree in the jungle jake made his outpost.from the
outpost he can see for miles and all he can see is endless trees.The outpost had a coffee
table and a coach made from sheep wool. Once his wolf found a deep,dark lake so deep it
was pitch black so jake got his spear and caught some salmon. The salmon that he caught
fed them for two whole weeks after a few months they got tired of living in a small,cramped
room and the only thing he could do was play with was his carved chess board and
pieces.so he decided to pack everything that was useful including all his deadly weapons
and his food supply that would last jake and his dog for at least three weeks.jake walked
through scorching hot desert with nothing to drink so he remembered his survival skill from
his old scouts club in Europe and he remembered that there was water inside of
cactuses.After a few days he finally made it out of the scorching desert. But now he was
back in the hopeless jungle. It turns out that he was hallucinating and he was walking on a
small beach front just past his treehouse.jake decided he would stay in his cramped
treehouse for a few days to recover and after that he set off south. After three days he
found ocean so he swam so far and finally saw land but then he heard splashing so he
looked back and saw a fin rising up out of the ocean and jake swam so hard he couldn't
But after a minute he felt razor sharp teeth sinking into his leg and saw blood pouring out
rapidly but jake kept swimming and swimming until then he just sank. Down into the
deepest part of the ocean and he sunk right on top of a shipwreck. Soon sharks started to
surround him. After a few days there was a local fisherman but the fisher man saw sharks
at the bottom of the ocean. But once the sharks moved away the fisherman saw a corpse
and the fisherman was petrified he called the local water police and they got there in no
time. One of the policemen used to be a naval officer and when he saw the corpse he was
so sad because when he recognised him. He knew that was jake his best friend
In the whole wide world. After the next two days they had a royal memorial service they
laid the coffin inside the dug up hole and the grave said jake burn,a loyal and loving
naval marine officer,r.i.p. his mum and dad were crying there hearts when they heard
the news about jake.
And now This is just the beginning. Of the adventure


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