It’s cold and dark at the bottom of the ocean. A shadow moves across the wreck. An arm reaches out and grabs…an old robot arm.
The next day a girl named Stara was walking. She suddenly saw a shadow behind her. She quickly turned around and the shadow was standing there. In a deep dark voice it said “It’s coming so run while you still can.”
Meanwhile… A boy named Ra was building some sort of machine somewhere! The shadow from before walks in the door, she stood there with her eyes as big as a bulldozer, “Ha, ha I just have one question. What’s your name?” asked Ra. “My name is Zendor, master of the dark arts.” replied Zendor. “I’ve known you for three hundred years and you never told me your name” said Ra. “Yep” replied Zendor.
Two days after, a terrible storm happened right over Stara’s house. When Stara heard an explosion, she ran from her friends house, to her own house to discover that all that remained of her family and house were a few pieces of ash. As she sat down and started to cry, Zendor came flying down from the sky and took Stara up to where he had come from. “Is she dead?” asked Ra. “No, just paralysed” said Zendor.
Stara opened her eyes to figure out that she was in a different realm. “She’s awake” yelled Ra, as Zendor came through the door.
A few days passed, they all became pretty good friends. However, the storm was getting worse…
To be continued…