Land Of Art

One day there was a little girl called Sophie and she was playing with her skipping rope. While Sophie was playing with her skipping rope Sophie didn’t know that she was being watched by a little tiny man that came from the land of art! At that second Sophie saw tiny little sparkles all around her and Sophie said “Well you don’t see this every day” and yes Sophie was right!

Just then Sophie could see a little I land before her but then she landed on the I land Sophie was scared when she landed on the I land. Two minutes later Sophie could see two people walking towards Sophie and Sophie said “who goes there?” just then the two people spoke “our names are Bella and holly we hope we didn’t scare you”. Sophie said nothing at all because she was too scared to talk but Sophie just knew she had to be nice in case they were pore.
So Sophie went to them and said “can you show me around this I land?” and so Holly said “ok” so Holly and Bella showed Sophie around the place and tolled Sophie the things she is not allowed to touch! Sophie was so tired she fell to the ground with a big THUMP! The girls Bella and Holly were so silly because they forgot it was night time. Bella and Holly carried Sophie to the town they live in so Sophie can sleep in a nice comfy bed. The next day Sophie woke up with a massive yarn but Sophie was surprized by she was in a town with more people! “AAAAHHHH” said Sophie “where am I?” Holly said “you’re in the town were art was made 200 hundred years ago!” Sophie was so amazed her eyes went as big as a tennis ball!
Just at that moment Bella woke up with her friend Ben came into the room Bella said “hey Ben how are you today?” “I’m great today thank you” said Ben but then Sophie came into the room “Bella you did not tell me you had a boyfriend!” Sophie said. “Sorry Sophie for not telling you but he is not my boyfriend he is just my friend!” said Bella. Ben felt sorry for Sophie not being tolled but he never saw her in the town before so he asked Bella “where did she come from?” “Sophie came from the land where we do not go!” Ben still felt sorry for Sophie but he thought of going to the land where he must never ever go but he went
Just then Ben disappeared into black smoke. After one hour Ben was in Sophie’s little sisters bed room. “Come with me Jenna and I will show you were your sister is” but in seconds Jenna could see her sister again “Sophie can we go home?” said Jenna “ok bye ever one thank you” “bye” a second later they were home.

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