Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly was born on June 1854 at Beveridge Victoria Australia. He was a villain, first of all he stole horse and cattle and then he murdered three police men. He also robbed money from two banks. Ned Kelly was an intelligent man but he was a very bad person. He was a cold blooded killer.

The way Ned Kelly stole horses and cattle was not easy for him, but he still did it. The first steal that Ned Kelly did was stealing a horse. Ned Kelly himself claimed that he had stolen over 280 horses as a boy. Even though he only had two years of school he was a good criminal. Also when he would steal horses or cattle he did it very quickly and quietly. He never got caught, for stealing. When he stole the horses and cattle he would change the brand. Ned Kelly was that intelligent but that bad that he went to prison when he was only fourteen years old for his first time. He also assaulted a Chinese person when he was 12 years old.

Ned Kelly was an intelligent man with stealing and robbing banks. It would take a lot of time to prepare for his attack yet that made it better. It was tricky to attack a bank but with the preparation and planning it would be easier for him. It would also help with getting out of the bank robbery. When Ned Kelly and his gang would rob a bank they would take the time to plan the attack on a bank. After they robbed a bank they would take the shop owner and the workers, and take them to get a drink at the bar or take them back to the camp, but only for a few hours then they would let them go.

Ned Kelly was a very bad person still, because he killed three police men. At Stringybark creek, Ned Kelly surprised the three police men and shot Constable Scanlon first but McIntyre got away. On the other hand Kennedy was begging for his life when Ned Kelly brutally shot him. Ned Kelly thought that he was putting Kennedy out of his misery.

Soon Ned Kelly’s life as a villain came to an end on the day of November 11 1880, when he got hung at Melbourne. Ned Kelly had caught over 260 horses and robbed 2 banks before he died, he was only 26 years old. He got caught when he was going to kill about 50 troopers on a train. Ned Kelly told too many local people, and was drunk when a teacher went and told the troopers what was going on. That is when it stared going down hill for Ned Kelly. Before you know it Ned Kelly was caught by the troopers he had been shot over 10 times on his arms and legs. That is when he was sent to go get hung at Melbourne on November 11 1880. With all the bad things that Ned Kelly had done it all came crashing down on him on that day. That was the end of Ned Kelly.

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