Bullets are whizzing past, explosions are going of everywhere. Worst still, I’m almost out of ammo and the enemy Borgia are closing in on my position. My com-link bursts to life, it’s the general. “Soldier where is your position?” He cries loudly. “2 clicks west of the original evac point,” I reply quickly. “Get out of there, our cameras have located an armoured tank closing in”. The General stutters. Then everything goes black.
I wake up, dazed. Building have crumbled, dust and smoke are sprawling up into the sky. The battle was over, we have lost. I get up and look around, Humvees and Tanks have been destroyed. I see a dog tag on the ground. It reads, Zack Lane, one of the Lieutenants on our side, he must have been killed. I have to escape, there, a run-down chopper, she’ll fly.
In a matter of hours I’m back at the base. “What happened out there soldier?!” It’s Sargent Redford. “The enemy were too powerful, they destroyed everything.” I sadly mumbled. “Well if you’re looking for something to do we’re running low on water supplies,” Redford informs me.
Next thing I know, I’m out at the river getting some water. Then I hear jet engines, the alarm siren goes off, we’re under attack. By the time I get back to base, the entire building is levelled. The jet fighters have bombed the place. Everyone is dead except me. I look up at a hill, there he stands, the leader of the Borgia. Jerzair. “Dark Lord,” I say firmly “I challenge you to a hand to hand duel.” “Fine,” Jerzair says sarcastically. “To the death!”
It’s 5 o’clock, dark and stormy. I grab my gear and head out to defeat Jerzair. I arrive at his gladiator arena, once I walk in, the door closes behind me with a clank. Jerzair jumps down. Lightning strikes once he stands up. Rain is pouring down. “Bring it,” we both shout.
I charge at him and attempt to punch him but he blocks it kicks me to the ground. “It took me a while to find and destroy your base.” Jerzair spits. I get back up and punch him in the chest then the head. Direct hit! He grips his head in pain then pushes me to the ground and kicks me in the head. I get back up only to be punched back down. Jerzair signals a guard to open a gate. Soldier prisoners stumble out. Survivors!
“If you don’t surrender, I will kill all of them!” Jerzair screams. Lightning strikes again. He pulls out a gun. Now what. “If you want to kill them, you’ll have to go through me first!” I scream.
I charge towards him before he shoots a soldier and I jump in front of him so he shoots me instead, I fell to the ground. With my last ounce of strength, I grab my pistol and shoot Jerzair in the head, he crumbles to the ground. The world is at peace once again. That was my last thought.