Dancing In The Feather's Fall

Excellence Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

The morning has risen; the rose has bloom,
sky candle has shone, in this small wood room.
The smoke has faded, from the bane of wood,
and there beneath the sun, she soullessly stood.
I rushed outside fast, to face the northern kiss;
whilst she floated and ghosted, through the fading mist.
I stalked her closely, past the green clearing,
to an eminent mist, oh how endearing.
With sheer delight, she dance in feather’s fall,
her eyes fleetly gaze, god what a close call.
Time carried on fast, its sky’s black cloak,
the ship of night came, and still I’ve not revoke.
Her long fragile hair, the tint of Freya’s tears,
her lone, blue eyes, that I truly endear.
So very settled, like the sail road,
my minds lost heavily, as my heart explodes.