If Only

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

If only I were a wolf,
I would race across the land as fast as a cheetah, howling and snarling like an angry coyote to let my prey know that I'm here; and to fear me.
I would strike my fangs into an elk's neck, like a fork of lightning striking the roof of a house during a tremendous thunderstorm.
I would fight bears and larger animals with my pack, strong and proud, just like a swift swordsman fights a griffen or dragon.
I would raise my faithful pups to be the strongest they can be, strong like an elite athlete.
I would take on any other wolf who dares to challenge me. I would fight like a boxer at the UFC.
In the evening, I would hang with my trustworthy pack and wait for the night to come. We would be excited infants waiting for Christmas.
Then, in the mist of the early morning, we would hunt the still-sleeping dear...and a new adventure would begin.
If only I were a wolf!


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